Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (LRRP) Refresher Courses

The EPA requires that all certified renovators enroll in a 4-hour refresher class within five years of completing the initial 8-hour course.  With the majority of initial classes being taught during the end of 2009 and through the middle of 2010, thousands of contractors will need to enroll in refresher classes and renew their registration in the coming months to stay in compliance. 

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EBOLA – Dealing with Fears in the Workplace

In my blog last week, entitled "EBOLA - What Are the Risks and Where Do We Go from Here?," I closed with the hope that the decision-makers had gotten this one right. With the events unfolding early this week, I am still not sure we have the answer. Further complicating the situation, a second nurse who treated the original Ebola patient in Texas flew home to Cleveland for the weekend.