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SafetyCompliance with OSHA standards can be cumbersome. However, an effective safety program will not only provide each employee a safe environment in which to work but will also positively impact the bottom line. Such a program requires ongoing attention.

The EI Group, Inc. (EI) is a one-stop provider of occupational safety and health services. EI professionals can build a safety and health system from the ground up or provide needed oversight for an existing system, whether you are a general industry or construction employer. EI’s experienced and certified professionals can provide the insight and knowledge to help you develop, improve or maintain a safety system that complies with OSHA and encourages employees participation.

EI’s safety professionals have developed expertise in all safety program areas including:

  • Electrical safety
  • Fire protection regulations
  • Welding
  • Confined spaces
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safe scaffolding and ladders
  • Safe use of cranes and hoisting equipment
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Hearing conservation
  • OSHA recordkeeping
  • Respiratory protection
  • Laboratory safety
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EI’s Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) are committed to helping clients develop, improve and maintain a safety program that meets current OSHA standards and fosters employee compliance. EI’s safety professionals are multi-disciplinary and experienced in all safety program areas.

Program Development

EI can evaluate your existing programs, policies and procedures and provide a written report of findings and recommendations. When needed, EI professionals can assist in the development of new written programs, which are customized to your facility and operations. Each safety program will assist you in the identification, evaluation and control of hazards. Whether general industry or construction, completed programs will meet the OSHA requirements for written programs as well as convey management’s commitment to worker safety.

Compliance Audits

An EI safety professional can help employers improve OSHA compliance in many ways. EI can conduct detailed inspections of your facility, an exhaustive review of injury and illness recordkeeping (OSHA Form 300), provide expert and interesting OSHA-required training, identify permit confined spaces, gap analyses, conduct incident investigations or conduct focused inspections such as walking and working surfaces or machine guarding.

Mock OSHA Inspections

EI Safety Professionals regularly conduct comprehensive mock OSHA inspections for clients in the public and private sectors. A typical mock OSHA inspection begins with a brief opening conference with management to plan the audit. This is followed by a review of written OSHA-required programs and an evaluation of the OSHA Form 300 and supporting documentation. A detailed wall-to-wall inspection is then conducted, during which a number of employees and supervisors will be interviewed. Finally, the audit is completed with a closing conference which may include senior management and employee representatives. A detailed report will then be generated by the EI safety expert, which will identify each finding and include the appropriate OSHA or consensus standard violated, for easy reference. Depending on the level of detail desired by the client, audits may also include a review of employee training records, investigation records and inspection records. EI can also respond to your specific areas of concern including employee behavior, confined space identification, trenching/excavation, fall protection, personal protective equipment assessments, electrical safety issues, fire safety and emergency action plans, hazard communication, hearing conservation, respiratory protection and more.

Process Safety Management

Following the 1984 Bhopal India Isocyanate release that caused more than 2,000 deaths, government agencies and industrial groups around the world began to move toward preventing future incidents.  In the US, both OSHA and the EPA were directed to develop rules to safeguard employees and the public from such catastrophes.  These rules are OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) program (29 CFR 1910.119) and EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) rule (40 CFR 63).  The central idea is to use a systematic approach to process operations involving Highly Hazardous (OSHA) or Regulated (EPA) Chemicals to identify, prevent and mitigate the risks of catastrophic incidents.

EI's engineering staff has been providing PSM/RMP services since the 1990s.  Our engineers continue to lead efforts to provide our clients with the support to prevent major process incidents and, with our Certified Safety Professionals, to keep our clients’ employees and the public safety from such catastrophes.   

Electrical Safety

The hazards that workers face while working on or around electrically energized equipment can result in some of the most devastating injuries suffered in the workplace.  Engineering controls, administrative controls, adequate training and appropriate personal protective equipment clothing (PPE) can reduce the risk of these life threatening injuries.  EI’s safety specialists provide Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) support, electrical safety training, NFPA 70E Arc Flash training and Arc Flash Risk Assessments auditing. A recent study conducted through the NFPA showed that in 2013 there were 139 fatal electrical incidents (“Occupational Injuries from Electrical Shock and Arc Flash Events").

Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Services

If your company is interested in achieving VPP status or simply in need of a VPP recertification audit, EI can help. EI can assist you in every step of the VPP application process or we can conduct a detailed, confidential audit to let you know what improvements need to be made in your system before submitting your VPP application to OSHA. EI employs experienced and certified professionals who can conduct a confidential audit for your facility or construction site to identify system inadequacies which would disqualify you from achieving VPP success. A detailed report will then offer suggestions on what corrective action to take. EI professionals will also be available afterwards to provide follow-up assistance.