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When news was initially released that Wuhan, China was impacted by the coronavirus, EI immediately launched a series of weekly educational blogs in mid-January highlighting pragmatic occupational health and industrial hygiene practices which minimize the possibility of coronavirus transmission in the workplace.

The blog series has since covered the following topics:

1.  Business Contingency Plans to include coronavirus pandemic planning
2.  Respiratory Protection – N95’s vs. Surgical Masks
3.  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – Monitoring/corrective measures to minimize airborne COVID-19
4.  Cleaning & Disinfection – Cleaning, Disinfection and Verification Protocol as well as optimal EPA List N disinfectants and the importance of their proper application
5.  Employee Medical Screening – Detailed Guidance for identifying potential carriers of COVID-19
6.  Reopening Business – Guidelines for Minimizing Occupational COVID-19 Transmission as Social Distancing is Relaxed
7.  Training Students in the Era of COVID-19
8.  Industry Sector-Specific Guidelines for Re-Opening Our Nation’s Businesses
9.  COVID-19 Recovery Guidance: Water System Restart from No- or Low-Occupancy Operation
10. Going Back to Work – Considerations for Owners and Managers to Protect Employees, Tenants and Contractors 

The background information in EI’s blog series builds an excellent foundation for a comprehensive plan to minimize occupational transmission of COVID-19 when reopening businesses.