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EI offers a full-range of permitting, compliance, and engineering services related to industrial wastewater, stormwater, process water, and groundwater management. A list of service areas and related expertise is provided below.

Permitting and Compliance

EI's professional staff has significant experience with the permitting of effluent discharges to surface waters (NPDES), Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) and surface infiltration (NPDES non-discharge permit). These services may incorporate the following:

Wastewater Treatment Facility Engineering

EI has designed and managed the construction of numerous industrial wastewater treatment and ancillary facilities, including water/wastewater treatment systems, groundwater treatment systems, pump stations, water reuse/recycling systems, and containment and diversionary structures. Our engineers evaluate production operations in order to incorporate potential manufacturing modifications into designs to ensure that facilities will meet future demands. Additionally, EI provides troubleshooting consultation services for the evaluation of existing wastewater processes and treatment systems. EI's list of engineering services include:

Stormwater Management, Spill Control and Pollution Prevention

Between the EPA's NPDES stormwater regulations, Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) requirements under the Clean Water Act, and the new, all-around emphasis for pollution prevention initiatives, facility management duties for most industries and municipalities have increased. EI has supported its clients in this area by developing management programs that combine the common threads of these programs and simplify the day to day requirements, saving both time and money. Specifically, EI provides a full array of services including: