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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial HygieneEI's experienced industrial hygiene staff includes Certified Industrial Hygienists, industrial hygiene technicians, environmental scientists and mechanical engineers with a diverse range of regulatory compliance experience in the workplace environment.

EI can deliver the resources, manpower, equipment and experience to assist you with industrial hygiene related projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. We know that you have specific and demanding concerns regarding these issues and EI is prepared to consistently meet your needs, whether within the United States or abroad. Our staff works hard to monitor the indoor environment to protect the health and safety of today's workforce.

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What Our Clients Have to Say:

“I wanted to take the time to thank you and the rest of The EI Group for your flexibility regarding scheduling of the sound level measurements at [our facility].  As you know, the demands of power users across the state can make the scheduling of such measurements difficult to say the least.  EI’s commitment to service has been amply demonstrated on past projects.  Yet again, this commitment has been clearly demonstrated by nimble agility of short notice staff scheduling.  The dedicated professionals of EI have exceeded our expectations, while greatly helping us to maintain a satisfied client.  [We] value our working relationship with EI and looks forward to our future engagements together.  Thanks again!"

Schnabel Engineering

"These reports are simply the best laid-out and easy-to-read industrial hygiene reports I have ever received.  I could hand these to my operations team without having to “translate” them.  These are very helpful.  Thank you again."

Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Tire Centers, LLC

“When you use The EI Group, Inc., you are hiring true Industrial Hygiene professionals with a real world view and service that far exceeds industry norms. With EI reports, you get the information you need right away without all the fluff.”

Corporate Division Safety Manager
Perdue Farms, Inc