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Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Initial and Renewal Preparation Audits

Whether your company has just started the VPP application process or is ready for a renewal visit from OSHA, EI can assist you in every step of the process.  From completing the application; coordinate your employees, management, and contractor involvement; conduct an extensive recordkeeping and facility pre audit; and develop an action plan to correct discrepancies.

Facility/Site Safety Inspections

With rapidly increasing Worker’s Compensation and insurance costs, OSHA fines are not the only reason to strengthen your safety program. EI employs many Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), former OSHA compliance inspectors, and other experienced safety professionals who can conduct a confidential audit for your manufacturing facility or construction site to identify safety violations. After which we can help formulate corrective plans and provide follow-up assistance to help keep your employees safe and lower your operating costs.

OSHA Documentation and Training Audits

OSHAMany small to medium sized businesses do not have the experience or personnel to maintain the documentation necessary to comply with the safety recordkeeping requirements. One of EI’s many safety professionals can perform accident and near miss investigations and complete the related investigation forms. After performing the investigation, EI can update and maintain the OSHA Logs and complete the annual summary.

Insurance companies and OSHA require extensive occupational safety training. EI can not only provide such training, but also audit your past training records to ensure they contain the necessary elements to meet regulatory recordkeeping requirements.

Effective Environmental, Health and Safety Management Using the Team Approach

Mr. Bill Taylor, CSP of The EI Group, Inc. is a Certified Safety Professional with more than 36 years of experience. He is the author of Effective Environmental, Health and Safety Management Using the Team Approach (Wiley & Sons, 2005).

This book details a system that has been installed in plants throughout the United States as well as South America, Canada and the United Kingdom. In each case, the system, when managed as instructed, reduced injuries and illnesses by an average on 40-50 percent within the first 12 months. It is a logical approach to managing any organization’s safety and health system. Order your copy of “Effective Environmental Health and Safety Management Using the Team Approach,“ cited as, “an important and highly actionable blueprint for optimum workplace safety.”